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Patrick Stewart Says He Loved J.J. Abrams Star Trek Movie

From TrekWeb --

The Yorkshire Post posted a new interview with Star Trek The Next Generation star Patrick Stewart and here are few excerpts of the article.

"Yesterday, I took my grandchildren to see the new Star Trek movie. There were three movie trailers, one for the new Terminator movie, one for the new Harry Potter and one for a Pixar animated movie. All the trailers sounded and looked the same. Full of standardised levels of noise, violence and special effects and I thought, 'My God, nothing would attract me to any of these'.

"I love animated movies and I especially love Pixar but I weary of standardisation. I don't know what's happened... but I better not go on, you never know, they might want to cast me in one of them."

He might want to leave it there, but given he spent seven years playing Captain Picard, what did he think of the 21st-century version of Star Trek?

"I loved it. I absolutely loved it," he proclaims. "It was a very, very odd experience to be in the cinema watching a new Star Trek movie that I wasn't in. Not only that, but with the exception of Leonard Nimoy I didn't know any of the cast... but, it's Star Trek. They've taken some quite innovative decisions but it's absolutely essential, right down the middle Star Trek. I got a great kick out of it."

He also says of Chris Pine, the young actor playing Captain Kirk: "He's brilliant. He is charming, truthful, funny and utterly delightful."

The full article is here.
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The Fifth Element - Free Tonight!

Thanks for the heads-up, anjala!

From IMA --

"Sci-fi Spectacle" Film: Friday, May 30
Thu, 02/14/2008 - 15:12 — admin
The Fifth Element (1997, dir. Luc Besson, 126 mins.)

Fearless fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, whose work is featured in Breaking the Mode, conceived more than 900 costumes for this sci-fi spectacle, which won a Saturn Award from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films. The plot: New York City in the 23rd century is a madhouse of flying taxis, street gangs and media overload. Cabbie Bruce Willis is the universe’s last hope for survival as he helps a supernatural savior (Milla Jovovich) fight the darkness unleashed by the crazed Zorg (Gary Oldman). Rating: PG-13.

Friday, May 30 / 7:00 pm

DeBoest Lecture Hall


I may or may not go, depending on how wiped out I am from work. But, thought I'd at least belatedly pass the word! B^)

Grindhouse Movies

heh. recently had a Grindhouse-style movie poster contest.  Here's what they had to say about it:

"This week we're doing something slightly different: movie posters. I know what you're thinking, 'you do movie posters every week.' This week, however, the Something Awful Forum Goons recreate many famous movie posters in the classy tradition of grindhouse cinema. No doubt inspired by the new grindhouse movie that just came out, Kickin' it Old Skool. Also possibly the movie Grindhouse itself, but who is to say. I sure won't. While there are still laughs to be had, this is mostly just a collection of really awesome lookin' images. I hope you enjoy."

Some of them are pretty funny.  Here's the link:


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An Inconvenient Truth, Serenity, and Wonder Woman

W!M!II says that An Inconvenient Truth is playing at Key Cinemas in southern Indy… we may have to get a group together to go see it. I want to buy the book as well…

Also, Serenity is playing at the Monroe County Public Library in Bloomington, IN this Saturday the 24th. lemur_lady said she’d find out what the time it’s showing. Proceeds benefit Equality Now (a gender equality aid organization) and other charities.

Speaking of Joss Whedon movies, according to, Priyanka Chopra is in negotiations to play Wonder Woman. What do you think?

Hope to see some of you soon at da movies!

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The Libertine

Saw The Libertine last night with close friends and lovers from this group, and enjoyed it muchly. If anyone is interested in reading Lord Rochester's full "Satyre on Charles II," I found a link:

A Satyre on Charles II

I' th' isle of Britain, long since famous grown
For breeding the best cunts in Christendom,
There reigns, and oh! long may he reign and thrive,
The easiest King and best-bred man alive.
Him no ambition moves to get renown
Like the French fool, that wanders up and down
Starving his people, hazarding his crown.
Peace is his aim, his gentleness is such,
And love he loves, for he loves fucking much....
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L@M(C@ and I saw an interesting movie last night – Nothing. It’s about a couple of guys who can’t handle the real world outside their house, and so in a moment of terror they simply hate it away. The rest of the movie is how they deal with the Nothing that is left, and each other. Pretty interesting in a low-budget, two-character Canadian film kinda way. B^)

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