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About The Fifth Element - Free Tonight!

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Thanks for the heads-up, anjala!

From IMA --

"Sci-fi Spectacle" Film: Friday, May 30
Thu, 02/14/2008 - 15:12 — admin
The Fifth Element (1997, dir. Luc Besson, 126 mins.)

Fearless fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, whose work is featured in Breaking the Mode, conceived more than 900 costumes for this sci-fi spectacle, which won a Saturn Award from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films. The plot: New York City in the 23rd century is a madhouse of flying taxis, street gangs and media overload. Cabbie Bruce Willis is the universe’s last hope for survival as he helps a supernatural savior (Milla Jovovich) fight the darkness unleashed by the crazed Zorg (Gary Oldman). Rating: PG-13.

Friday, May 30 / 7:00 pm

DeBoest Lecture Hall


I may or may not go, depending on how wiped out I am from work. But, thought I'd at least belatedly pass the word! B^)
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